Basic Laser Hair Removal Terminology

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It is important to understand the basic terminology used in laser hair removal techniques.  This gives  you a better understanding of what the procedure entails.  It also helps to put many people at ease to completely understand the words used in the treatment.

Dermis is the underlying or inner layer of the skin.
Electrons are stable, negatively charged elementary particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom.
Energy source is the device in the laser that supplies energy to the active medium.
Epidermis is the thin outermost layer of the skin.
Excited states is the conditions of a physical system in which the energy level is higher than the lowest possible level.
Fissure is a crack or cut in the skin.

French bikini wax, is a bikini wax in which all of the hair is removed from the pubic region except for a stripe of hair on the pubis.
Hair follicle bulb is the bulbous base of the hair follicle that houses the dermal papilla.
Keloids scars are raised areas of fibrous tissue.
Melanin are grains of pigment that give hair and skin its color.
Monochromatic light is of one wavelength, and therefore appears as one color.
Nanometers are each one billionth of a meter.
Optical cavity is a part of the laser that contains the active medium.
Polychromatic light consists of light of multiple wavelengths, appearing as different colors.
Pulse duration is the duration of an individual pulse of laser light, which is usually measured in milli-seconds.
Selective photothermolysis is the selective targeting of an area using a specific wavelength to absorb light into that target area sufficient to damage the tissue of the target while allowing the surrounding area to remain relatively untouched.
Spontaneous emission is the process or an excited atom, after holding extra energy for a fraction of a second, releases its energy as another photon then falls back to its grounded state.
Spot size is the width of a laser beam.
Terminal hair is hair found on the scalp arms legs Alexa lay in pubic areas.
Vellus hair is generally fine, non-pigmented hair found on the face that is often called peach fuzz.

Wavelength is the distance between two consecutive peaks or troughs in a wave.

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